Realise your fullest potential and become who you were always meant to be. Heal, expand, and create a new version of yourself

An exciting new Membership awaits you
Coming in late January 2022

The Self-Actualize Academy is a new membership which will give you all the tools, learnings and support that you could possibly need, all in one place which will help you on your journey in reaching the pinnacle of the human experience – 

What does it mean to self-actualize?

It means realising your complete potential and fully developing your abilities and experience of life in mind, body, and spirit. 

 Truth seeking, purpose, authenticity, growth, integration, health, and spiritual development are just some of the sources to draw upon on your self-actualization journey. 

But first and foremost......

Making sure we understand how to get our emotional needs met in a balanced and healthy way is the foundation to it all. It’s what we build upon. Sometimes through early childhood experiences or trauma we miss this vital learning or get conditioned with disempowering thinking and patterns making it difficult to get our emotional needs met. 

In this membership we cover the essential foundations which are often missed – the healing, releasing, and reprogramming as well as all the higher order modalities for self-growth. We are wired for growth and without it we suffer. This is place to constantly keep growing and expanding.  

This is not just a membership it's a community... 

A tribe of likeminded, heart centred people to hold space for your unfolding and for your becoming. I can't wait to see you in there.

These are some of the things to expect

Master classes
and Workshops
run By colleen 

Colleen will teach either a new masterclass or workshop every month. This will include classes such as :
  • Healing from trauma / Inner Child Healing
  • ​Aligning to your authentic self
  • ​Shadow work
  • Understanding your emotional needs and how to get them met for a fulfilled life 
  • Imposter Syndrome workshop
  • ​Mental Health (Varies Topics)
  • ​Creating a vision and connecting to your highest intention
  • ​Manifesting your goals
  • ​Understanding your archetypes
  • ​Modalities for healing
  • ​Finding your purpose
  • ​And so much more .......

Workbooks to 
Support Your 

Workbooks to support the masterclasses being taught and to help support your journey
  • Workbooks to put the teachings into practical exercises
  • ​Helps with implementing the lessons
  • ​Creates a deeper understanding

run By Guest

A new masterclass every month by a guest expert specially selected. This will include classes such as :
  • Human Design
  • ​Emotion Code
  • ​Somatic Healing
  • Connecting to the Divine Feminine/Masculine 
  • TRE (Trauma Release Exercises)
  • ​Enneagram - understand your personality type and how to work with it using the Enneagram
  • ​Nutrition for holistic well-being
  • ​Money Mindset
  • ​Mind - Body connection for healing
  • ​Connect to your intuition
  • ​Healing with plant medicine
  • ​And so much more .......

A new guided meditation every month

A new recorded guided meditation every month to support the teachings 
  • All guided meditations professionally recorded
  • ​Soundscapes will be included in the recordings
  • ​Binaural Beats will be included to get you into a deep theta meditative state 
  • ​Supports and aligns with the teachings for that month

Additional tools and bonuses added regularly

Journal prompts, self discovery exercises and self help tools added regularly

​A Private Community Space on discord for Members 

A space for members to share and get additional support (optional)
  • This space will be the heartbeat of the community. 
  • ​Share in live chat rooms, text or video posts
  • ​​I will be very active in the private community discord space. Get additional support here
  • You can still join the membership without joining the community space if you would prefer not to but it's highly advised

A Dedicated Membership Site

All videos and resources will be uploaded to membership site for easy access 
  • Access all the resources and masterclasses in a membership site 
  • ​The library of resources and lessons will continue to grow with the membership

“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.” ― Rumi

Everything You Need to release, heal, grow and self actualize in one place

We are all connected - each and every one of us. 
Each one of us a single cell within the body of humanity; a single cell within the body of the whole. As one heals we all heal. Lets take this journey together

About Your Host and Facilitator  

Colleen Sodano
Colleen is a Psychotherapist and Mentor. She also has a Post Graduate qualification in Clinical Hypnotherapy.  

She has helped countless people to overcome their mental blocks, traumas, limiting beliefs and disempowering thoughts. She helps people to create sustainable change and to truly step into their potential while realising their vision, goals and growth.

Its been a long time dream of hers to create a space for people to come together to heal, grow and transcend and that's how this membership and community was born. She believes from her own experiences that there are many modalities that can be used to realise ones full potential and that everyone will have their own unique journey.

She believes we are on the precipice of a huge global shift in consciousness and she wants to be part of that change - to help in some small way.  So many others feel it too - it's time for us to up level as a species. This is her vision with the membership - to give access to tools and teachings which help to facilitate change and growth for the good of the planet and the collective.
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